Hello, Again.

So, after four months of nothing, well nothing productive, I feel I am in a position to get back to my studies. Thing is, I am not entirely sure that it will be possible.

Do I have the required drive to deliver what is needed. I mean sure I have been ill, but I have not picked up a camera…not taken one single image. With a  vomit bowl as my new full time friend its not been easy, but I could…I should have taken a couple of images.

Over the last seven days I have been getting back into the swing of things, and looking at documentaries and I was kicked back to my camera by David Hurn after watching his documentary on BBC iPlayer ; here is a link https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0993mqr/david-hurn-a-life-in-pictures

I always “got” his style and how he goes about the whole process, and this really has got me going again.

So it’s time to get in touch with my tutor….


Mid-December and I was to experience one of those life affirming moments …I was ill and now I was being told no one knew why.

Fast forward four weeks and I’ve put everything on hold. I can’t think straight and the thing pushing me through is this course.

So, I’m here and planning for my future studies …keep an eye out!


On my way.

So after pushing the brief for this assignment over the last four weeks, I can honestly say that I am struggling. The images am taking are not just doing it for me.

This leads me to believe that I am either over thinking or that I cannot see it. If its the latter than I feel that if I am struggling at such an early stage then I will have real problems when it comes to more complex projects.

I have lots to think about, all of which will relate to how i think I will develop throughout this course.

Maybe its not enough…


So I am now in my third week of my first module and my first assignment “Square Mile” is starting to take shape. If only in my head, but it’s there.

I am now drilling down with the research aspect…an element that I am keen to develop, and as part of this I am looking at the work of some of the suggestions in the reading list of this module. Here I find my first problem, and it could just be the one that stops me in my tracks, the one that ends my hopes of a BA in Photography before it has even started.

I just don’t get it.

Looking at the likes of Gawain Barnard (http://gawainbarnard.com) and Tom Hunter (http://www.tomhunter.org) I can see how their images work, but I just can not get with the narratives that they provide. It appears as too convoluted, too self-involved.

Is it because I am not an “artist” and just a photographer? I know what makes an image, I can see an image before I take it, then compose it and then take it. I just can’t find the narrative to add to the final result.

This I feel will be my end, that is if you can end before you start.

Choices to be made…

So I have spent the last few days looking at my options for my “Square Mile” and I feel that I am just about ready to get out and shoot. However, and this is not normally something I would normally even consider, should I produce a body of work in B&W or colour?

I love street photography and art from a series I shot in HongKong I shoot in B&W. I always have done. Now I am looking deeper into photography and looking at what I am trying to achieve,what message if any I am trying to get across.

untitled (1 of 1)-3

The above image I shot with an idea in mind. Carnaby street is in the heart of London’s West end, a place that attracts some of the highest property prices in the world (I am sure I should insert a reference here to back up my statement), but here we have an image that shows a stark contrast between the well-kept (The shop) and neglected (the overflowing bin).

So I have two questions, and one choice really;

which works better; B&W or colour and what does better mean?

untitled (1 of 1)-4

How do I come to even formulate a response…how do I go about finding a answer?

I am going away to scratch my head.

Joined elements


Looking through my first assignment, I am trying to develop my understanding of photography.

I have a simple question for you, don’t think too hard about it. What is a photograph to you?

The Square Mile; Location ideas

The City that I live in, Wakefield, is varied in every aspect of its make up. The social demographic is as broad as you can possibly get and the actual physical features of the City just as much so.

I will need to first understand the different aspects of what I am trying to achieve with my photography, and it is this that I will find the most challenging and the most rewarding. Why? well because I do not have the insight of a great photographer…the ability to look beyond the image, into the image and all its elements. Sure I know the relationship between f. and DOF but there is so much more to an image, and I am becoming more aware of that everyday.Buststation crop

So thats my task for today: Research and then planning.

One stream that does keep running through my mind is that Wakefield has changed over the years, it is as if the the phrase Boom and Bust was coined in the Merry City itself. Do I explore it or do I cast it aside as a hackneyed concept?

I suppose all these new problems are there to add to my development and it will be interesting to see just how much I have developed when I do my first set of reflection!

Where to start?

It’s time to plan my first assignment, Square Mile. I’ve read the brief, I have an idea of what is required and where to start.

AlreadyI feel I have developed, but not as a photographer. I have definitely evolved my skills as a student, and also my networking skills.

So now, over the next few days I will be out there putting the meat on the bones of my ideas.

I have to say I have already found my fellow students the main source of encourgment, be it via direct contact or by looking at blogs and work.

It’s going to be a busy few days!

Today I have mostly ….

PoppyLooking through the study guide, I found it very helpful and it showed how I am lacking in structure.

Bought a set of notebooks so that a; I could look like everyone else in Costa b; jot down ideas.

And the task that I am most pleased with; setting up this blog! it has been very difficult and shows just how much I can struggle with tech. I hope this post goes in the right part!

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